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Crossings is RWU's annual yearbook, a student run publication made of stories and photos that culminate each year. Crossings provides experience working with others, how to time manage and meet deadlines, and an opportunity to publish your work as a part of RWU's history, in addition to being a resume builder.


We are always looking for contributing writers and photographers who have interests and experience with journalism, creative writing, photojournalism and dedicated graphic designers who have a knowledge of working with photos and copy in page layouts.


Adrianne Harris, Advisor

Kayla Lombardi, Editor-in-Chief, writer

Irene Sanchez, Managerial Editor, writer, photographer

Gabby Soscia, photo editor, photographer

Catherine Ashelford, copy editor, writer

Emily Medina,  photographer

Onelyn Colon, website manger, writer

Bailee Maston, design editor

Lauren Labadini, designer

Emma Smith,  media manager, photographer, writer

Isabelle Antonitis, staff 

Kelly Roper, staff


for 2019-2020

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